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Relax, shop and hang out with friends at Landvetter

You’ve planned and you’ve waited. Now it’s finally time to head off on your trip. Here are ten suggestions for what you can do once you’ve gone through security and relaxed a bit. Your holiday begins at Landvetter.

Relax, shop and hang out with friends at Landvetter
  1. Celebrate the start of your holiday – gather with family/friends for a coffee break at one of the airport's cafés and relish all the fun you’ll have on your trip.
    All cafés at Landvetter
  2. Try at least five new perfumes in the tax-free shop.
  3. Connect to our free WiFi for three hours. Why not surf for information about your destination, twitter or play games?
    WiFi at Landvetter
  4. Watch planes take off and land - get the best view at Joe & the Juice and order a delicious juice drink at the same time.
    Joe & the Juice
  5. Order a dish you’ve never eaten before. Landvetter offer food from the Swedish west coast and street food from around the world.
    All restaurants at Landvetter
  6. Buy a newspaper you’ve never read before. Perhaps in another language, so you can brush up on your school French before your flight.
    All shops at Landvetter
  7. Stroll around in comfortable shoes on your trip - shop for the latest fashions at Sneaky Steve. If you prefer to send your shoes home, they'll take care of that.
    Sneaky Steve
  8. Take the opportunity to shop at one of Sweden’s two Victoria's Secret shops. Victoria's Secret
  9. Try on exclusive clothing and get inspiration for your autumn wardrobe.
    All shops at Landvetter
  10. Find your own favorite spot to study all the people around you and try to figure out where they’re headed.
    All restaurants and bars at Landvetter