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New autumn collections have arrived at the airport

At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, you can get the latest styles or buy classics for your everyday wardrobe from all different kinds of popular brands. The latest addition is Tommy Hilfiger, along with new collections from brands like Odd Molly, Hunky Dory and Gant.

New autumn collections have arrived at the airport

Will you be heading out on a flight soon? Take the opportunity to check out some of this autumn’s new collections at Göteborg Landvetter’s Fashion shop:

  • Premiere! The first shipment from the US brand Tommy Hilfiger has just been unpacked and placed on the shelves of the Fashion shop at Göteborg Landvetter. You’ll now find a classic assortment of apparel for women, with shorts, tops, blouses, skirts and down jackets. The men’s collection also has a wide selection of apparel, especially if you like sportier styles.

  • Check out the new autumn collections from popular, exciting brands. Right now, you’ll find new fashions from Sand, Esprit, Odd Molly, Hunky Dory, Gant and Eton, shoes from Laura Bellariva and handbags from Saddler and Tiger.

  • Examples of special offers right now: Wool coat from Esprit (women’s) – SEK 1,499 (regularly SEK 1,999) – and the popular Lennox Star top from Hunky Dory – SEK 999 (regularly SEK 1,299). Stop by the shop to see all the special offers. And you do know the Fashion shop always has really good prices on Eton shirts, that is, 15% lower than the recommended prices?

  • New shop – Sneaky Steve! The Gothenburg-based Sneaky Steve, which sells shoes, socks, belts and bracelets, has opened a shop at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.
    Sneaky Steve