Test centre for PCR and antibody test

You can now book a time and take a PCR and antibody test as well as get a travel certificate issued at the airport.

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ExpressCare carries out PCR and antibody tests and has a laboratory at its test centre at the airport for analyses. If test results are negative, a travel certificate signed by a specialist doctor is issued. The response time is 2-4 hours for a PCR test and 30-60 minutes for an antibody test.

Book a time

Different regulations apply in different countries about how many hours before departure the test needs to be taken and whether a specific format for the travel certificate is required. Passengers are responsible for checking with their airline about what applies to their own flight before they take a test. The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ Resklar app also has information about what travel regulations are currently in force.



Before security

Opening hours:

The opening hours are adapted to air traffic. 



+46 (0)10 204 50 80