Hearings for a new environmental permit for Göteborg Landvetter Airport

2016-03-11, kl. 13:04

From Tuesday to Thursday, March 15-17, the Land and Environmental Court  will hold hearings on Göteborg Landvetter Airport’s new environmental  permit. A ruling is expected within eight weeks of the hearings.


In light of the strong growth in the region and Swedavia’s projections for future air travel, in March 2013 Swedavia applied for a new environmental permit for Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Swedavia is entrusted with the task of creating the air access that is needed to facilitate travel, business and meetings. In order for Göteborg Landvetter Airport to meet the region’s future needs for air travel, a new environmental permit is required with scope for more take-offs and landings than today.

In June 2015, the Land and Environmental Court issued its ruling, which was essentially in line with the airport’s application. In addition to approving an increase in the number of take-offs and landings, the ruling allowed flight paths to be shortened in order to reduce emissions. Departing aircraft can, with some exceptions, deviate from flight paths where the noise level on the ground is below the maximum noise level of 70 dBA. Arriving aircraft have also been given greater leeway to carry out so-called curved approaches, which also shorten the flight distance and reduce emissions. 

A number of parties have appealed some conditions in the Land and Environmental Court’s ruling, and these appeals will now be considered. The appeals concern the scope and delimitations of the permit, flight path issues, noise insulation and conditions for surface water and waste water. Swedavia in turn has appealed one condition concerning surface water.

The Land and Environmental Court hearings will be held at Landvetter Airport Hotel on March 15-17, and a ruling is expected within eight weeks of the hearings.