Beautiful bridge will be a gateway to Göteborg Landvetter Airport

2016-10-11, kl. 13:40

The  development at Göteborg Landvetter Airport is going full speed,  and we  are now building the bridge that will be the gateway to western  Sweden’s  international airport. It is a stunning construction with a  modern  design that will welcome passengers with colourful neon light.


“The  bridge’s primary function is naturally transport, but given its  location at the road entrance to the airport, the bridge will be a  welcoming gateway to the Göteborg Landvetter Airport of the future and  to the rest of the world. The bridge will welcome visitors, guide them  and create a positive sense of anticipation – for locals and, of course,  for people coming to western Sweden from other countries,” says  Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

With  its design and use of materials, the bridge will create an  ellipse-shaped gateway which will enhance the impression of being on  one’s way, especially in the evening light. The materials selected for  the bridge are predominately smooth concrete and black diabase  (dolerite). Sustainability over time is an integral theme of the project  in terms of the choice of materials, function and operation.

The new  bridge will be important for creating an efficient transport flow to  and from the airport for operations already in the area. It will also be  a vital link in the Airport City that is now taking shape between Route  40 and the airport, on both sides of the entrance road to the terminal.

“It  is really great that Svevia will built it as a gateway to the airport  and as an important part of the development for the entire area. We feel  inspired. It will be fun to bring into being an important component of  Swedavia’s plans for the new Göteborg Landvetter Airport,” says  Anna-Karin Wärn, construction manager at Svevia.

Preparatory work for the bridge is under way. The bridge will be completed and put into service in autumn 2017.

Göteborg  Landvetter Airport has had strong passenger growth in recent years and  in 2015 had 6.2 million passengers. The airport is developing and  expanding at full speed in order to meet the region’s growing needs. An  expanded terminal, a new hotel, preparations for a rail link and an  Airport City with workspace for 10,000 people are some of the projects  under construction right now and being planned for the near future.

While  the work on the bridge is being carried out, traffic on the  Flygplatsvägen airport access route will be redirected and the number of  lanes will be somewhat restricted.