Allow plenty of time for travel – temporary closure weekdays of the E6 motorway and Route 40

2021-06-21, kl. 16:22

Blasting near the Kallebäck junction (Kallebäcksmotet) will affect traffic on the E6 motorway and Route 40 towards Göteborg Landvetter for the rest of the year.

​The West Link (Västlänken) project is carrying out blasting work for the rail tunnel in Almedal, near the Kallebäck junction(Kallebäcksmotet). For safety reasons, traffic on the E6 will be stopped in both directions, and several ramps onto Route 40 heading east will be closed for about ten minutes around 11:20 a.m. on weekdays.

Calculations indicate that the closure will result in long queues on the E6 in both directions, queues that could remain up to 20 minutes after traffic has been allowed to resume after blasting is finished.

If you will be spending time at the airport, please remember to avoid driving on the E6 past the Kallebäck junction on weekdays at this time. Choose another route or allow plenty of time for travel.

Blasting work will continue until the end of the year.