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Joe & the Juice

There’s juice, better juice and then juice the Joe & The Juice way. The Danish chain has taken fresh-pressed juice to a level of its own. That includes friendly service, a lifestyle and above all perhaps the market’s most extensive juice menu – from energy shots to 100% juice meals, filled with superfood ingredients.

Category: Café Gluten-free Lactose-free Vegan
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Time guarantee

Juices are pressed and mixed with a bit of tongue in cheek, health consciousness and organic ingredients. Joe & The Juice is the chain that made juice drinking a lifestyle. The menu is well developed, with recipes designed for every need of the day. For breakfast, you can choose something to pick you up, for lunch a hearty re-build with avocado and protein, or else a ginger shot for that extra energy boost.

The personal service is special at Joe & The Juice, but so is the method. For example, olive oil is added to make it easier to absorb nutrients. Joe & The Juice also serves organic coffee and good sandwiches.

Joe and the juice

Joe & the Juice

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Opening hours:

Every day 05:00–20:00


+46 (0)7 098 037 42