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Punta Cana

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Punta Cana is located right on the easternmost region of the Dominican Republic. The name of the stunning resort is originated from the cane palms in the area and it has been popular as a holiday resort among tourists for decades. Travelers can enjoy white sandy beaches with palm trees around and furthermore, the crystal clear water stretches out to 32 km long beaches - surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Punta Cana is one of the most stunning areas of the Dominican Republic and officially owns one of the best beaches of the world!
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Do and see
Although the main attraction of Punta Cana is its luxurious beaches and world-renowned golf courses, this tropical paradise offers plenty of activities and sights on land and at sea. The caressing sun will allow you to spend some idle days of pure sunbathing, whereas the most adventurous can look for an adrenaline-boost on a zip-line or by doing thrilling water-sports . Discover unspoiled nature and mingle with the locals, sample some flavoured rum, experience the mild light of the sun rising, dance intensively and behold at the spectacle of this Caribbean gem.
Scape Park
Hoyo Azul at Scape Park is definitely a one of a kind natural spring cave that demonstrates pure natural beauty. The park also provides a Dune Boogie Adventure for the off-road driver in you so what are you waiting for? Stop by and have fun!
Ocean Spa - Dr. Fish
If you want to pamper and offer yourself a well deserved afternoon, then you should go to the Ocean Spa. You will embark on a boat during an entire afternoon and will benefit from bio-pilates classes, a personalized massage and a fish pedicure. Fresh beverages and snacks are also provided.
Flintstones Buggy Adventure
Wanna live an adventure on the dunes with the Flintstone family? Then pay a visit to the Flintstones Buggy Adventure and ride the dunes of Bavaro. The tour is only off-road. You will also a cave with stalagmites & stalactites. The company which organizes it is eco-friendly and produces its own electricity needed to run the buggies.
Outback Adventures - Outback Safari
Tired of the beach? You can see the outback of Punta Cana aboard a truck and two guides. They will present you the traditional way of life in Dominican Republic. You will meet locals, discover the cocoa and coffee farms, as well as the schools. It will also be the occasion for you to taste cane sugar and delicious fresh fruits and see wild animals. The tour will also stop at a stop that proposes rum, cigars... at local prices! Call or visit the website for reservation.
Monkey Land by Runners Adventures
As the name indicates it, this tour introduces you to monkeys. You can see them from close. The guide is very concerned about the wellness of the monkeys and will give you small bowls containing fruits. The animals will help themselves. On the way to meet them, the open truck will guide you through Higuey and show you the mountain and a typical Dominican house.
El Tour Caribe
This company offers several tours with boats. You can choose between Saona Dive And Snorkel, Punta Cana Scuba Diving, Catalina Island Adventure, Saona Speedboat And Catamaran. All of them are well organized and the guides take care of the visitors. Pickup are made at your hotel.
Pirate Rum Factory & Taino Cave Tour
On this tour, you will visit a rum factory which uses 300-year old recipes. The flavours available are café, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, coconut, coconut milk, lemon and mamajuana (a mix of rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs). You can also buy hand-decorated bottles. After this visit, you will be taken on a historic trip. You will discover more about the island's history. Your guide will show you a cave where you can observe fruit bats.
Bávaro Beach
One of the most complete beaches on the Northern shore is Bávaro. Entertainment from casinos and live shows, to the finest restaurants and palm umbrellas by turquoise water are all to be had.
Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is located in the heart of Punta Cana, only a short shuttle from your final destination. Taxi’s and shuttles are available at the airport and many resorts supply their guests with personal or group shuttle service.
Time Zone
Punta Cana is located in the Atlantic Standard time zone, and all times are reflected in Atlantic time.
Public Transport
The public bus system covers both Punta Cana and Bavaro and it is low cost but tricky. Bus stops are not clearly marked and you can hail a minibus (Guacas) anywhere, that´s why it is recommended to tell the driver in advance where you want to get off. Tickets can be purchased on boards.
Taxis and shuttles are commonplace and can be found most everywhere you want to travel to. Don’t forget that many attractions will provide free transit if you call ahead or get your resort’s travel desk to book for you. Taxi services in Punta Cana are safe and common, but make sure to set a price before taking a ride. You can book a taxi at hubs at the airport and at most resorts, shopping venues, and attractions. They have fixed rates, which are displayed on a white board in the outer arrivals hall.
A post office is located at Punta Cana Airport, selling postcards and stamps. Dominica Republic´s postal service is not renowned for its efficiency, and post can take a few months to reach its destination.
Three pharmacies are located throughout Punta Cana, with Pharmacia Estrella open Sunday - Friday 24h. The pharmacy features a big, green sign and a red cross on the outside. Pharmacia Estrella: Plaza Estrella Bavaro, Avenida España, Punta Cana +1 809 552 0344 Pharma 360: Primer Nivel 106, Punta Cana +1 809-455-1708 Farmacia: Avenida Barceló 23000, Punta Cana
Country code: +27 Area codes in Punta Cana: 809
Electricity is 110 volts AC, 60 Hz with American style two-pin plugs
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