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Mallorca’s reputation as a booze-soaked party spot is an immense injustice. It is certainly a very popular destination for groups of beautiful young vacationers to lie in the sun and sip some colourful cocktails before a night of intense clubbing, but to reduce this Balearic jewel to that is to ignore its long and rich history, its breath-taking landscapes and its irresistible charm. What the island obviously offers in idyllic beaches and rowdy parties it more than matches with culture, personality and awe-inspiring vistas. Mallorca’s beaches, however, with their golden sands and crystalline waters, remain the island’s biggest draw.
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Do and see
There is so much more to do in Mallorca than party and soak up the sun (but be sure to indulge in some of that too). Explore historical and impressive Palma, visit tiny coastal villages and remote mountain monasteries, hike the Serra de Tramuntana, take a dip in any of the picturesque coves surrounding the island, or go wine testing in Binissalem Wine Village. Mallorca offers a truly notable variety of sights and activities, and those who take the time to explore this small and very manageable island in depth will be greatly rewarded.
Coves del Drac
Cuevas del Drach is an impressive and beautiful network of caves located in an old fishing village called Porto Cristo, around 65 kilometres from Palma. The caves are two kilometres long and thousands upon thousands of amazing stalagmites and stalactites are spread across the three chambers. Guided tours take around one hour.
Palma de Mallorca
Fishing nets glisten brightly in Mediterranean blue as they lie out to dry on the quayside. Behind the nets you can catch sight of the stock exchange building, La Lonja, dating from 1388. The place where locals now sip their coffee was where most of the Mediterranean area’s trade was handled during the Middle Ages. The whole city oozes history out of every building and street corner. A bustling city, the island's capital never fails to surprise and impress all who visit.
La Seu Cathedral
This imposing gothic cathedral stands tall atop the old Roman and Renaissance city walls, looking out over Palma's harbour and old town. It was built over hundreds of years on the ruins of the mosque that once stood there. Famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí had a hand in the restoration project early in the 20th century, though he quit over a dispute with the contractor. This beautiful architectural wonder offers breathtaking views in every direction, and is the perfect starting point for a walking tour through the city.
Casco Antiguo – Old Town
The narrow lanes and alleyways of the Old Town echo with centuries of sea-faring, intercontinental trade and intercultural encounters. Take a stroll around one of the largest areas of ancient buildings in Europe, cast your eyes over the spruced-up palaces and visit the luxury hotels, shops and bars.
Cap de Formentor
Dizzying twisting roads and dramatic cliffs, north-west Mallorca is wild and beautiful. People crowd the vantage points along the road to photograph this beautiful cape that locals call the "meeting point of the winds."
Monastery at Valldemossa
High mountains and deep valleys frame Valldemossa, the village where the island’s two first “celebrity tourists” (composer Frederic Chopin and authoress George Sand) lived in 1838. At the monastery, all the monks' cells are lined up, each with its own exit to the garden terrace with blossoming magnolias and a wonderful view over the valley.
Binissalem Wine Village
Tasting some of Mallorca’s award-winning wines at José Louis Ferrer and the other many bodegas is a feast for the senses. During the Wine Festival in September, Binissalem is just one long table laden with wine and food.
Right in the centre of Mallorca lies Sineu, the ilsand's oldest village. For over a thousand years, farmers have been coming to this unbearably picturesque town with their cows, bulls, horses, sheep, mules, ducks, hens and swans to market each Wednesday.
Palma de Mallorca Airport
Palma de Mallorca Airport is located 8km from the city. Bus number 1 runs to and from the airport and the city centre, and takes about 30 minutes. The bus leaves every 15 minutes approximately and a one-way ticket costs €3. If you would rather take a taxi to your destination there are cars waiting at assigned taxi areas outside the terminal. A taxi journey to Palma takes 15 minutes and costs about €15.
Public Transport
There are several different kinds of public transport around the island. You can choose from buses, metro, trains and public bikes. The bus service on Mallorca is excellent. Depending on how much you plan to travel, there is a selection of different types of tickets and you can buy these at the Intermodal Station on Plaça d'Espanya in Palma or at tobacconists. Urban Bus number 3 in Palma goes all the way from the industrial area via Palma’s town centre to the Illetas beach. Public transport buses to Valldemossa and other popular villages leave from the bus station behind Plaza España.
Taxis in Palma are good and cheap. You can get to and from other places on the island for a reasonable sum of money. One of the biggest companies on the island is Taxi PMI.
Post offices are open from 9am-9pm except on Saturdays when they close at 2pm. Stamps can also be bought at tobacconists. The main post office in Palma is located at:
There are pharmacies all over the island and normal opening hours are 9am-2pm and 5pm–8pm. The main pharmacy in Palma is called Plano and is located on:
The cost of dental care in Mallorca is reasonable. Recommended dentists in Palma at Plaza Mayor, 9, 1c. In an emergency call 112.
Country code: +34 City code (Palma de Mallorca): 971
220 V and sometimes 225 V AC, 50Hz
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