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Lamezia Terme

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Lamezia Terme was formed in 1968, thanks to the unification of three separate towns in the Province of Catanzaro. It is the central part of Calabria, a zone celebrated for its beautiful landscapes. The city is found between the cliffs of the Tyrrenhian coast and the sand dunes of the Ionic coast – just to the south of the Sila, a sort of Alpine range in the heart of the Mediterranean.
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Do and see
The upper plain of the Sila to the north, with its stunning mountains and alpine landscape, is rich in forests and lakes. In the area around Lamezia Terme, there are also important artistic sites and Greek, Norman and Roman temples as well as palaces from the Bourbon times can be found across the region.
Pizzo Calabro
Pizzo Calabro is a seaside resort around 34 km from Lamezia. The church of S. Giorgio and the nearby castle are worth a visit, as well as the charming narrow streets where you can wander around and breath in the Italian historical heritage. Moreover, a must when you visit this area is to taste the delicious “Tartufo,” a local ice cream, well-known in Italy.
Vibo Valentia
This city, located 43 km from Lamezia, features the "Castello Normanno Svevo", which deserve to be visited on its own and has been turned in a museum that celebrates this Italian area as one of the pearls of Magna Graecia. Furthermore, The Ruins of Hipponion, Greek remains, does not only include a beautiful temple but also impressively high walls that were built to protect the province.
Tropea is a village located 64 km from Lamezia and famous for its white beaches which run right up to Capo Vaticano. The village itself is picturesque and romantic with winding streets and beautiful small piazzas; not to be missed is Pasticceria Tre Stelle, a cosy bakery with a great variety of "pasticcini" (small pastry). Noteworthy is also a Norman church with an interesting black crucifix and the dark-skinned Madonna of Romania. Due to a number of wonders, the citizens of Tropea has proclaimed the Virgin Mary of Romania to the patron of village.
Serra San Bruno
Serra San Bruno is a village located 70 km from Lamezia, on a little hill. It was named after the founder of the Carthusian Order and, in fact, features a famous monastery; unfortunately, though, the site is out of bounds to tourists because of the Chartusian monks' vow of enclosure, but you can still visit the museum and enjoy the peculiar nature around this area.
Stilo, located 107 km from Lamezia, is included in the official list of the most beautiful Italian villages, being extremely rich in ruins from different ages. When here a visit to the Byzantine-style church called "Cattolica" should not be missed, since it is considered to be one of Calabria’s masterpieces.
Monasterace Marina
Monasterace Marina is a seaside village, located around 90 km from Lamezia Terme. It used to be known as "Kaulon", colony of Magna Graecia, consequently it's worth visiting especially for the remains of the Greek settlement, including a temple and some Hellenic houses, as well as for the archeological Museum.
The Malta Bastion
This majestic watchtower was built in 1550 to serve the Knights of Malta and it is considered to be the symbol of Lamezia Terme. There are several tower-ruins in the area but this is one of the most impressive and well-preserved of them.
Reggio Calabria
On the very edge, on the toe of the so-called "Italian boot" and in the southern area of Calabria, Reggio Calabria is located. This is the largest and oldest city in the area and here you find beautiful beaches and lots of different attractions, such as museums, theatres and a lovely botanical garden.
Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF)
The Lamezia Terme Airport (S Eufemia Airport) is located app. 15 km from the city centre. The local transport company Lamezia Multiservizi (tel +39 0968441812) will take you into the city centre in 40 minutes with buses leaving every 20 minutes. There are also several taxis (tel: +39 096851722-096851723) waiting outside the terminal. The price of the ride depends on how many persons are sharing a taxi, how much luggage there is and what time and day it is.
Public Transport
The company which operates Lamezia Terme’s local transport system is “Lamezia Multiservizi.” One ticket costs around 1 euro and is valid for 90 minutes The best option to visit the area, though, is to rent a car. At the airport, for example, you can find an array of different rental companies that will satisfy all your needs for about 60/70 euros a day (Hertz, tel: +39 0968 51533; Europcar, tel: +39 0968 51541; Maggiore, tel: +39 0968 51331. See also www.sacal.it).
Taxis in Lamezia Terme are usually white or yellow and there should be a meter visible by the front seat inside the car. If you call for a taxi or book one online, the meter starts running as soon as the car starts its journey to pick you up. There are several taxi stands throughout the city. One of the main taxi companies in town is Taxi Lamezia, whose contact details are:
Mail boxes in Italy are red and you can buy stamps not only at post offices but also at most tobacco shops (marked with a white-on-brown "T" sign) and many newsstands. One of Lamezia Terme's post offices is located on the following address:
Lamezia Terme’s pharmacies are usually open from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm (Mondays-Fridays). They have alternating open hours during nights and weekends and you will find the addresses of those by every pharmacy.
Country code: +39 Area code: 0968 (Do not omit the first zero in the local telephone number)
220/240 V
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