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This medieval city looks like it has fallen straight out of a fairytale book, with its bustling market square, spiralling Gothic towers, castles and legends about dragons. Explore the narrow backstreets, hidden courtyards and the network of underground cellars and tunnels. Krakow is known as the cultural capital of Poland through its love of music, poetry and theatre. After years of occupation and struggle, Krakow has emerged a proud city with a strong sense of identity, yet has still maintained its artistic and fun-loving soul.
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Do and see
There is a lot to see in Krakow, such as centuries-old impressive landmarks, lovely vistas, world-class works of art, and stunning curios. Krakow boasts the best collections in Poland, and museums all over the world envies some of these treasures.
Church of St. Adalbert
Church of St. Adalbert is located to the side of the Main Market Square in Old Town, and is one of the oldest stone churches in Poland. Its almost one thousand year old history goes back to the beginning of the Polish Romanesque architecture of the early Middle Ages.
Town Hall Tower
This is the last surviving part of the former 14th-century town hall. It has become, accidentally, the city’s own leaning tower, as it bends slightly off-centre by 55cm, apparently caused by the wind.
Old Synagogue
This 15th-century Synagogue houses a permanent exhibition entitled "the Tradition and Culture of Jews in Krakow". The area surrounding the synagogue has been highlighted in Steven Spielberg’s, "Schindler’s List."
Czartoryski Museum
Here you can see a vast collection of ancient works of art from Greece and Egypt, but the key artworks here, have to be Leonardo da Vinci’s, "Lady with an Ermine” and Rembrandt’s, “Landscape with the Good Samaritan”.
The Florian Gate
This is one of the few surviving parts of the ancient defence system that once surrounded the Old Town. Built approximately 1285 it was the main defence of the north. Further towers were added in the 15th-century, but the Florian Gate is the only remaining gate from the original eight. In 1660, the Florian Gate was extended to include a Baroque roof, raising its height by one metre and today it measures around 33.5 meters.
Main Market Square (Rynek Glowny)
At the heart of the city lies what was once the largest square in Medieval Europe. It has been the hub of the city, ever since the historical district of the Old Town got its present grid of streets in the 13th century. The Market Square is still very much the soul of the city.
Wawel Hill, The Royal Castle and Cathedral
A tour of the Gothic castle and cathedral on Wawel Hill is essential for any visitor to the city. See the bones of Smok Wawelski, the mythical dragon of Wawel Hill. The Castle itself, where Polish Kings ruled, offers enough to keep visitors interested for the remainder of their trip up Wawel.
St. Mary's Basilica
The spiralling twin towers of this ancient church witnessed many of the tumultuous events that have shaken the city of Krakow over the centuries. The top of the church tower is a perfect spot to take photos of the city, however, today it is closed for visitors until further notice, due to renovation work.
Kraków Airport
Kraków Airport is the main airport serving Krakow. It is located about 15 kilometres from the city centre. A number of budget airlines run routes here. Winter travellers should be aware - frequent delays are common due to fog and ice. Once you arrive, you can catch a free shuttle bus from outside the terminal to the other terminal. You can also catch bus number 208 and 292 to reach the city centre. There are taxis and car rental companies represented at the airport.
Public Transport
Catching a tram or a bus is probably the easiest way - aside from walking - to get around the city. You buy them from small kiosks, then jump on a bus and punch your ticket in one of the orange boxes. All journeys cost exactly the same, it does not matter how far you go. Krakow Public Transportation:
A good money-saving tip for hailing cabs is to avoid getting a taxi from the taxi rank. If you phone for one it will cost you 30 percent less. Also, you cannot hail cabs if they are driving down the street, they will definitely ignore you. Taxi Krakow:
There are several post offices throughout the city. Post Office UP Kraków 1:
You can easily find a pharmacy in Krakow. Cito-Pharma:
Country code: +48 Area code: 012
220 V, 50 Hz
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