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Kos is one of the most popular islands in the Dodecanese. The island has a well-established tourist industry, which benefits visitors because the island is very organized. The locals are very friendly people and they have realized just how important tourism is for the island. Kos offers plenty of action in the summer, but goes rather quiet in the wintertime.
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Do and see
There are plenty of sightseeing to do while you are visiting Kos. The island has beautiful ancient sites to offer including castles, museums, amusement, and a lot more. Touring around the island lets you discover unique and stunning landscapes as well.
The Ancient Agora
Walking around the Ancient Agora gives you an experience and imagination of how a Greek market looked like in the early times. The archaeological site no longer functions as a marketplace today. However, visiting here lets you uncover a series of historical ruins including the Shrines of Aphrodite and Hercules, and many other remarkable remains.
The Castle of the Knights
One main attraction to keep on your list while sightseeing in Kos is The Castle of the Knights. This is a 14th century castle which stands as a secure fortress against the attacks of the Ottomans in the early times. In the present day, this castle functions as a museum exhibiting various historical sculptures.
The Western Excavation
One notable archaeological site, where magnificent Roman ruins can be found, is The Western Excavation. Amidst the monuments of the 4th and 3rd century B.C. in this area, you will find the important remains of the ancient gymnastic ground called Xystos and the western public baths. The Roman Odeon amphitheatre is also close to this place.
In ancient Greece an asclepeion was a healing temple, sacred to the god Asclepius. According to ancient Greek mythology Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing. Asklipieion is considered an important site on the island of Kos. A legend says that Hippocrates received his training there. It is also settled on the top of a hill and it lets you enjoy a panoramic view of Kos Town.
Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is a traditional tourist activity that you must try when in Kos. Upon visiting vineyards, you will discover how the Greeks make their wines. The three must visit wine productions on the island are Chantziemmanouil, Mores and Triantafyllopoulos.
Casa Romana
Casa Romana, also referred to as the Roman House, is a beautifully decorated mansion which was built out of the ruins of another house during the Hellenistic period. It has an impressive appearance that is based on the 3rd century type of architecture. Along with its interesting ornaments and statues, you can find that on its mosaic floor, there is a depiction of a panther tearing a deer apart.
Nisyros is a famous tourist island located in the Aegean Sea. According to mythology, during the period of the Gigantomachy (war of the Giants) Poseidon (the god of the sea) plucked a rock from Kos and in anger threw it at the giant Polyvotis with the intention of killing him. This rock, which crushed the giant, became Nisyros, and the half-dead giant shakes the earth every now and then with his groans, thus awakening the volcano. The sight of it is quite impressive and a truly must visit for everyone.
Agios Theologos
Agios Theologos is one of the beautiful beaches on Kos. It owes its name to a nearby church of St.John the Theologian It is also referred to as Wave Beach and it is a great place for water surfing or flying a kite. During afternoons, when it is not too hot, you may walk around the area to view other charming sights.
Kos Island International Airport
Kos Island International Airport, also known as Hippocrates Airport, is located near Andimachia village and lies about 26 km from Kos Town. The easiest way to get to the city is to catch a taxi, which is available from the airport arrival gate, or, you can head out to the big roundabout outside the airport gate and catch the orange and cream coloured KTEL bus. En route to Kos, the bus stops at Mastihari, Kardhamena and Kefalos. We advice you to avoid taxis, since they are quite expensive. Bus is your best option, plus tickets have very reasonable prices and available on board. It usually takes about 25 minutes for the bus to travel from the city centre to the airport.
Public Transport
The municipality of Kos runs their own bus service, DEAS, through the beach suburbs and up to Asclepeion. The ticket and information office can be found at Akti Koundouriotou 7. KTEL buses also travel between cities and their tickets are available on board or at the station. You can find the main bus station on Kleopatras Street in Kos Town. The island can easily be explored by mountain bike, as it is relatively flat. If the weather is too hot or you don't like biking, there are several places to hire either a scooter or a car. Municipal Transportation (D.E.A.S.) +30 22 4202 6276 Intercity Busses (KTEL) +30 22 4202 2292 www.ktel-kos.gr
Taxis are all metered and available at nearby offices and on the road. You can also call out a taxi through phone, but they might charge you with additional fee. One of the taxi companies on the island is Kos Taxi.
Mailboxes are yellow in colour and are usually found near bus stops. You can purchase stamps in tourist shops selling postcards and in most hotels. There are a few post offices around the island and in Kos Town. You can find the main post office in Kos Town on Xanthou Street.
There are several pharmacies in Kos Town and generally they can also to be found in the resorts. A green cross emblem signifies these medicine shops. One of the pharmacies you find in the town is Kavouklis Sevastianos.
Country code: +30 Area code: 22420
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