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There is one reason, and one reason alone, why the Canary Islands’ second largest sibling attracts so many visitors – the beaches. Whether you like your beach life slow and sedentary or quick and crazy, Fuerteventura caters for all. With the most glorious swathes of gold in the archipelago – some would say in the whole of southern Europe – the island is a Mecca to both sun worshippers and water sports professionals alike.
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Do and see
In all, the young and trendy surf set mingle with second home-owners from the less balmy regions of Europe. The latter happy for blue skies and high temperatures, and the former also seeking rolling waves and a rocking nightlife. However, away from these visitor hubs the tranquillity of old is easy to find, even on the beaches - with such a profusion of broad sandy strips, towel space is never going to be a problem. Away from the shoreline, desolate roads lined with squat, round windmills link tiny villages of sugar cube cottages. Here, the population ekes out an existence producing world renowned cheese and ruby red tomatoes.
Isla de Lobos
These days, despite its name – Wolf Island – you will not spot any saucer-eyed wolf packs lounging on the beach of this tiny island. What you will get, if you make the 3-kilometre ferry crossing, is that ‘get-away-from-it-all’ feeling.
Corralejo Natural Park
Behind the northern resort of Corralejo lies the ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ playground of the Corralejo Natural Park. It consists of 20 square kilometres of rolling sand dunes and unique plant life.
America Star Shipwreck
There is something unnerving yet fascinating about standing close to the wreck of a beached ocean liner. Although much of the SS American Star has been claimed by the sea since its demise in 1994, the bow still soars defiantly from the shallow waters.
Head 10 kilometres south of Corralejo to Artisania Lajares, where you can watch the island’s famous lace being woven. The shops are open from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays and to 1 pm on Saturdays.
La Oliva
In the sleepy ex-capital of La Oliva you will find the ornate Canarian carpentry of fine mansions such as the Casa de los Coroneles. Take the chance and visit the pretty little church, Parroquiade Nuestra Seiiora de Candelaria, in the city centre.
Close to the resort centre and its availing facilities, the town beach of Corralejo provides a safe, yet fun aquatic play area.
The gently sloping sands of this purpose-built resort are perfect for families with young children. The lack of dangerous currents means it is safe for bathers of all abilities.
Deep Blue Diving Base
Learning how to dive should not be done in a pool but in the sea. Deep Blue Diving Base provides you with the perfect opportunity to pass your license or discover new and exciting things in the deep blue.
Fuerteventura Airport
Fuerteventura Airport is situated mid-way on the east coast, 3 kilometres from Puerto del Rosario and 35 kilometres from Corralejo. There are three airport bus routes. Line 3 serves Puerto del Rosario and the tourist areas of Caleta del Fuste and Las Salinas. The bus leaves every 30 minutes. The other routes run to Puerto del Rosario, Morro Jable and Gran Tarajal. Taxis are also available outside the arrivals hall, alternatively rent a car at one of the on-site offices.
Public Transport
Fuerteventura has a good local bus network serving most parts of the island (except parts of the southwest coast). For more flexibility it is better to hire a car. The road network is generally very good. If you are more active, mountain bikes can be hired.
Taxis are generally inexpensive and in good condition. Taxis Corralejo:
Look for yellow post boxes is you want to send a post card. You can buy stamps from hotels, shops and post offices. Post offices are closed on Sundays. Post Office:
You can easily find a pharmacy in the major tourist areas. Pharmacia la Vieja:
Country code: +34 Area code: 928
220 Volts, round two-pin plugs
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