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Antalya is the pearl of the Turkish Riviera - an exciting major city, and at the same time a paradise for swimmers. The coast has innumerable delightful beaches that suit all tastes and along the coast, you will find lots of high-class hotels and restaurants. Those who want to take a break and get away from beach life can make interesting excursions to antique ruins and beautiful landscapes.
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Do and see
There are must sees in Antalya for every age and every taste. Those who are interested in history there can visit plenty of historical sites like Hadrianus Triumphal Arch, Hierapolis or Yivli Minareli. For families with children there is the aquapark called Troy Aqua and Dolphinarium or why not explore the sealife at Antalya Aquarium? There are also many exciting places outside Antalya to discover like Side and Belek. All you need to do is to find your favorite attractions.
Antalya Museum
Here you will find great exhibitions such as well-preserved Roman statues, enormous sarcophagi and remnants of the theatre in Perge. In a small showcase among the icons, you will find a jawbone that belonged to the Santa Claus, who was born in Patara and buried in Demre. The Museum also contains a collection of folk costumes and very beautiful rugs.
Yivli Minareli
This ribbed minaret was built by Sultan Keykubat in the 13th century, and is the city’s landmark. Nearby you can find a vibrant city center as well as an expressive riding statue of Kemal Atatürk.
Hadrianus Triumphal Arch
This Triumphal Arch was erected prior to the Roman Emperor’s visit in 130 AD and is part of the medieval town wall—a dignified entrance to the old district of Antalya.
Perge, 11 miles east of Antalya, was the home of the Hittites about 1500 AD, before the Greeks colonized the region after the Trojan War. On a very large area of ruins, there is a Roman theatre, an enormous stadium and several streets with columns dating back to the days when the apostle Paul supposedly has stopped here on one of his missions.
The seaside resort Belek is located on the road to Alanya. Here, you will find a famous golf course if you feel like swinging your clubs for a while. In addition to this, Belek offers many fine hotels and restaurants. The bus to Alanya stops in Belek.
This famous theatre—the only theatre that dates back to ancient days and still has an intact scene construction—is located about 12 miles east of Antalya. Aspendos had a capacity of 20.000 spectators and survived because the “Seldjuks” used it as a residence. In the 1920s, Kemal Atatürk, the “father” of the Turks, decided that the theatre should be renovated. Today, Aspendos is used for major musical arrangements.
Side, between Antalya and Alanya, is one of the innumerable places where Cleopatra and Markus Antonius are said to have had a rendezvous. At almost every street corner, you stumble over ruins. The theatre, which has a capacity of 25.000 persons, is located on a plain piece of land and is supported by strong walls. The Roman bath next to the theatre is a very beautiful archaeological museum.
Manavgat is a town which is located 72 km from Antalya. At this sunny coastal city you can explore sandy beaches, historical sites, a waterfall and caves. There are also plenty of restaurants, accommodations and shops in Manavgat.
Antalya International Airport is located 6 miles east of Antalya, and is used both for regular and charter flights. You will find the taxi stands in front of the arrival exits of all terminals. There is also a number of buses from the airport to central Antalya. The public bus shuttle, number 600 runs every 30 minutes between Antalya Airport and Antalya bus terminal (Otogar). The trip to central Antalya takes about 15 minutes depending on the traffic situation.
Public Transport
The simplest way to get somewhere in Antalya is to use the “dolmus”—minibuses that depart when they are filled up with passengers and stop where you ask them to stop. There are also ordinary city buses, but they are much more expensive and stop only at the regular places. Buses depart from the bus station Otogar to various parts of Turkey. Different companies offer transportation along the same routes. Make a seat reservation in advance.
The taxi cars are yellow and carry easy-to-see taxi signs. They have a fare meter with two different rates from 00.00-06.00 it may cost up to 50 percent more than during daytime.
The Turkish post offices can be recognized through the PTT-symbol. The main post office is called Merkez Postanesi in Turkish. There is a post office in the city district of Selekler.
You will find a few pharmacies along The Lara Beach strip and in the city centre. There is always an "on-call" pharmacy open at night. The local drugstores are called ”Eczane” in Turkish and often have a sign with a red cross on a white background.
County code: +90 Area code: 0242
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