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Welcome to see the exhibition in the Arrivals Hall.

Design is currently in an exciting phase, exploring the possibilities of technology but also the big challenge of creating a sustainable society. Crossing Borders – Smart Design features Swedish products within design and digital communication, design and digital production, and design for sustainable development.

The exhibition is part of a joint project between Nationalmuseum and Swedavia to show art and design at airports. The Nationalmuseum has Sweden's largest collection of design and crafts. The museum's main building in Stockholm is closed for refurbishment and will open again in autumn 2018.

Bicycle helmet Corpora Aid, POC Sports

The voice-controlled app C.Me and light diodes on the helmet enable cyclists to communicate their turns or decelerations just like a car's turn signals and brake lights. In case of loosing consciousness in an accident, a crash-sensor communicates the geographical position of the location.

Energy Aware Clock, RISE Interactive

This clock connects wirelessly to the electric panel in your home, and shows the hours of the day when your family uses the most energy. Yesterday's energy consumption fades out slowly, so you can compare it with today's. Visualising electricity usage can contribute to raising awareness about your family's habits, and family members can minimise their ecological footprint.