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Allergies at the airports

It can be difficult to completely avoid things that cause an allergic reaction at an airport. For instance, the scents from perfume shops in the terminal can spread beyond the shop. At airports abroad, smoking in cafés and restaurants can entail problems for people with allergies. The same applies for animals with fur and the fragrances people wear. You can get assistance from an airport attendant that can be adapted so that you avoid passing perfume shops as much as possible. 

Allergies and special diets on board the aircraft

Mention that you are allergic to something or have asthma when you book your flight. Also mention this to the cabin crew. Some airlines can see to it that no animals with fur are on the flight you take. 

Are you allergic or hypersensitive to some food or beverage, do you have diabetes, or do you have other dietary requirements? Mention this when you book your flight. Often the airline can give you different food or a different beverage, but in some cases that could mean you pay a fee. 

Read more about what allergy-related procedures there are on your airline’s website.

Peanut allergy

Some airlines still serve peanuts. So if you are allergic to peanuts, you need to tell people – both the airline when you book and the cabin crew when you board the aircraft. You also need to describe in writing your peanut allergy and the consequences if you are exposed to peanuts. It is a good idea to write this in both Swedish and English and leave this note with the cabin crew. Ask them to also give this information to the captain.