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All passengers must check in in order to receive a boarding card which gives you access to the aircraft – even if you are only taking hand baggage on board with you. Check in at the self-service check-in machines, or at the check-in desks.


Different check-in regulations depending on the airline

Different airlines have different regulations regarding latest check-in times. Check with your airline before travellling. You must be prepared to show identification so take your ID card or passport with you, depending on where you are travelling.

Self-service check-in machines

Certain airlines offer self-service check-in machines at Swedavia's airports – you check-in yourself and then take care of baggage labelling and check-in. There are also machines for electronic tickets. Tickets and boarding cards are printed when you swipe your credit/debit card. These options are especially convenient when queues are long at the traditional check-in desks.

Airlines with own self-service check-in machines 

SAS and BRA. If you travel with Lufthansa, you can use SAS check-in machines.

Airlines and charter companies with self-service check-in through Swedavia check-in machines

Air France, Finnair, Norwegian, HOP, KLM, Primera Air and Turkish Airlines.
Airtours, Apollo, Alpresor, Fritidsresor, Langley, Solresor, Slope and Ving.