Arrive well in advance – how are you supposed to think?

We are currently experiencing long waiting times periodically, and we advise passengers to “arrive well in advance”. What does that mean and why can we not simply say how many hours before your flight you should be at the airport?

What “well in advance” means is determined by a number of factors – which airline you are flying with, whether you are flying with baggage or not, what time of day you are flying etc. So how are you supposed to think?

  1. Start by checking with your airline to see when check-in for your flight opens and make sure you are there when it does. Even if you checked in online from home, you need to check in your baggage at the airport. Where to find contact information for the airlines.
  2. If you checked in online from home, have a boarding card and are only flying with hand baggage, you can go straight to the security checkpoint. You can see the opening hours for the airport’s security checkpoints below.
    Please note that the waiting times we provide for the security checkpoints on websites and in our app are real-time information. So you cannot plan when you should be at the airport based on this since the waiting time given may change quickly.

Please visit this page for more concrete tips for how you can prepare ahead of time and what is important to keep in mind when you get to the airport.