We’re building the airport of the future

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is western Sweden's gateway to the world – this is where we meet, create, work, travel and experience, just one step between the population centres of western Sweden and the world's metropolises. The airport is preparing for the travel of the future, and construction is already in progress – new gates, a new arrival hall, better baggage handling facilities, a new train station, a new traffic layout, new hotels, a new logistics area and new places for retail and work. The result will be increased capacity, smoother travel, better mass transit, more retail options and attractive meeting places – which will help drive development in western Sweden.

How Göteborg Landvetter will be developed

Airport of the future Göteborg Landvetter

1. Larger terminal and more gates

We are expanding the southern section of the terminal, adding three new gates with passenger bridges attached and four new bus gates, in order to handle more passengers and larger aircraft types. The new passenger bridges will allow arriving passengers from countries outside the EU to be separated right in the terminal. Currently, these passengers are bussed to the terminal.

With larger spaces and an exciting view of the landing runway, the new terminal area will be a pleasant place at Göteborg Landvetter Airport to depart from and arrive at and will offer even more destinations to choose from in the future.

The terminal expansion began in August 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2020.

2. Larger arrival hall, phase 1

In 2017, we inaugurated the arrival hall, with two new baggage carousels and 1,800 square metres of additional space. This is the first phase of what will be a doubling of the arrival hall.

3. More sorting chutes for departing baggage

During the spring of 2019, an additional 18 sorting chutes covering 1,600 square metres of space were completed. As a result, we have increased capacity and reduced the risk of stoppages in the baggage handling facility and at check-in.

More sorting chutes means that we can handle larger baggage volumes faster and more smoothly. We maintain a good level of service despite higher passenger volume and create a better workplace environment for the staff who handle baggage.

4. New larger, baggage basement

We are building a new baggage basement to provide more space and house larger x-ray equipment to screen the baggage after passengers have checked in. The change is being made in order to comply with future EU security requirements and means that we can screen baggage smoothly and efficiently.

The baggage basement will be placed in service in 2022.

5. New hotel

Immediately adjacent to the terminal, a new hotel that will be operated by Scandic Hotels is taking shape. With 222 rooms, a welcoming lobby, a restaurant, conference facilities and a gym and relaxation facilities, it will be an important new meeting place at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

The hotel will have 10,000 square metres of space over seven storeys. The building will be certified for its environmental performance in accordance with Sweden’s BREEAM-SE standards.

Scandic Hotel at Göteborg Landvetter Airport is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2021.

Architect: Wingårdhs Arkitekter

6. Larger arrival hall, phase 2

We are planning another expansion of the arrival hall, phase 2. Two new baggage carousels will be added along with an even larger waiting area for our passengers.

7. New security checkpoint for all passengers

We are planning a single security checkpoint for both domestic and international passengers and for handling the increased passenger volume.

8. Railway link


We are planning a railway link, with construction start planned for 2025-2027. Planning and work are in partnership with the Swedish Transport Administration.

Read more about the plans on the Swedish Transport Administration’s website.

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