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We’re building the airport of the future

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is western Sweden's gateway to the world – this is where we meet, create, work, travel and experience, just one step between the population centres of western Sweden and the world's metropolises. The airport is preparing for the travel of the future, and construction is already in progress – new gates, a new arrival hall, better baggage handling facilities, a new train station, a new traffic layout, new hotels, a new logistics area and new places for retail and work. The result will be increased capacity, smoother travel, better mass transit, more retail options and attractive meeting places – which will help drive development in western Sweden.

How Göteborg Landvetter will be developed

Airport of the future Landvetter

1. Larger terminal with three more gates connected by passenger bridge and four bus gates
2. Larger arrival hall Phase 1, with two new baggage belts
3. More baggage sorting chutes
4. New, single security checkpoint for terminal
5. Larger arrival hall Phase 2, with two new baggage belts
6. Larger baggage basement with room for new X-ray machines

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