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Swedavia drop-in weddings at West Pride

Come and get married during West Pride! For the second year in a row, Swedavia and Göteborg Landvetter Airport are offering drop-in weddings to celebrate love and life. The officiants will be Susanne Norman and Mona Glans, who in their day jobs are airport directors at Swedavia.

Swedavia drop-in weddings at West Pride

Last year’s love fest at Pride was a big success, and it will no doubt be a hit again this year. One new feature is that there will now be two officiants from Swedavia to perform drop-in weddings: Susanne Norman, airport director at Åre Östersund Airport, and Mona Glans, airport director at Ronneby Airport.

Time and place

Drop-in weddings will be held next to Rainbow Park (Regnbågsparken) on Saturday, June 13, 2.00–6.00 p.m., and Sunday, June 14, 12.00–2.00 p.m.

Who can get married?

All couples are welcome, regardless of their sexual orientation. The only requirement is that they have applied for a certificate of no impediment from the Swedish tax authority, which they should do well in advance since it usually takes at least two weeks.

Swedavia at Pride

Swedavia has taken part in Pride festivals around Sweden since 2011 in order to promote equal rights and value for all people, with its support for LGBT people a very important part of this. This collaboration with West Pride is one way to show that Swedavia is an employer that welcomes diversity and is convinced differences are enriching.