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VIP Discount card

Buy a discount card loaded with ten VIP services with up to 33 per cent discount. Perfect if you are a frequent traveller, and want a comfortable and convenient visit to the airport.

The card is loaded with VIP services which are automatically removed, therefore avoiding the need for one invoice per VIP service.

Discount Card VIP Express

VIP Express escorts you as effectively as possible through the airport when departing from Göteborg Landvetter Airport. A VIP Discount Card gives you 25 per cent discount on ordinary prices and you pay only SEK 9,000 excluding VAT for ten VIP services.

Discount Card VIP Complete service

VIP Complete Service gives you a more comfortable and discreet trip from Göteborg Landvetter Airport. When you relax or work undisturbed in our VIP lounge, VIP Service takes care of the rest, including escort to the aircraft with VIP car. With a VIP Discount Card you receive 33 per cent discount on regular prices, and you only pay SEK 2,000 excluding VAT for ten VIP services.

Ordering your VIP Discount Card

When you order your discount card, select the payment and delivery that best suits you. The card is either sent to you together with an invoice, or you collect the card yourself at Swedavia’s information desk in the check-in hall, and pay cash.

Contact VIP Service for questions or other bookings:

Telephone: +46 (0)10 10 93 320
E-mail: bokning.got@swedavia.se