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One terminal for everyone

As of June 25, domestic and international passengers will share a single terminal. That means you will have access to the airport’s full offering, no matter where you are flying to.

With a single terminal, more passengers will have a wider range of products and services available – both domestic and international passengers will be able to shop and eat at all venues.

The airport will also be able to use the gates more effectively, since international flights will be able to park at the gates that were previously reserved for domestic flights. That means fewer passengers will have to take a bus to and from the terminal. Your trip will be smoother, you will save time, and there will be a lower environmental impact.

The domestic and international security controls operate as usual when you are travelling. When you arrive at Landvetter by air, you will exit through what was previously the international arrivals hall.

Maps of the terminal at Landvetter

Before security control

Map: Landvetter before security control

After security control

Karta: Landvetter efter säkerhetskontrollen