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The whole world in a selfie

A boys' team from the United Kingdom poses in front of the photo wall.
2014-07-11, kl. 11:30

Take a #gothiaselfie and share it with the entire world! That will be the challenge for the thousands of participants arriving in Gothenburg during Gothia Cup week. The photo wall at Göteborg Landvetter Airport will kick off the week, with participants encountering many new faces.

During Gothia Cup (World Youth Cup) week, thousands of young people from all around the world will come to Gothenburg and acquire memories and perhaps friends for life. These encounters will be on the football pitch, in town, at Liseberg Amusement Park and now also through social media.

Using the hash tag #gothiaselfie, people will also have an opportunity during the 2014 tournament to find many of their Gothia Cup friends on Instagram.

All the participants who fly into Göteborg Landvetter Airport at the start of the tournament will encounter a large photo wall. The challenge is for them to take a picture of themselves, a team mate or their entire team and upload it to Instagram using the hash tag #gothiaselfie. Everyone who does will also be entered in a photo contest, with prizes for the whole team.

The contest is a collaboration between Gothia Cup, Turkish Airlines and Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The photo wall will also be set up later in the week at the Gothia Kviberg Center.

“We hope this will be a really fun feature during the week that can create a meeting place for all the participants using social media. It will also be a way to revisit all the memories and faces people encounter during the week,” says Magnus Malmsborg, event coordinator for the Gothia Cup.

“Gothia Cup participants get to travel, meet new people, see wonderful Gothenburg and make lifetime memories. For us, it feels great to contribute and be part of this really international project and the #gothiaselfie campaign,” says Mustafa Tanriverdi, from Turkish Airlines.

“The airport is ultimately a meeting place. The photo wall during the Gothia Cup is a way for us to welcome people to a wonderful city, a fantastic event and hopefully an unforgettable experience,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.


The photo wall will be located in the arrival hall at Göteborg Landvetter Airport July 11–14, and will be at the Gothia Kviberg Center July 14–18. The contest winner will be selected by a jury from the Gothia Cup and Turkish Airlines. Prizes will be awarded to the entire team.

Photo: A boys' team from the United Kingdom poses in front of the photo wall.