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“Speed dating” at the airport for job seekers

2013-10-10, kl. 10:00

25 young people from the Municipality of Härryda who are looking for work are meeting companies today at Göteborg Landvetter Airport in order to find internships at the airport. The initiative for the project, Zero Vision for Young Unemployed People in the Municipality of Härryda, came from Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

“The airport is the largest employer in the municipality so we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to do something about youth unemployment,” says Charlotte Ljunggren.

The 25 young job seekers who have come to the airport will take part in short “speed dating” meetings in order to get exposure to different operations at the airport, introduce themselves and learn more about what an internship might entail. Internships in restaurants, vehicle workshops, supplies, maintenance, information and cleaning services are all included in the project launch.

“This is a first step, which we hope could lead to something beneficial for all parties. Hopefully, we can find a match for about a dozen jobs during a three-month period,” Ms Ljunggren notes.

Zero Vision for Young Unemployed People in the Municipality of Härryda is a collaboration between the Municipality of Härryda, the Swedish Public Employment Service and Swedavia/Göteborg Landvetter Airport. It is also a project under Cutting Edge Härryda, a venture aimed at developing the municipality into an even better municipality for business and education. Along with Zero Vision, other collaborative projects are under way, such as The Sponsorship Project, Handshake Härryda, The Local Industry Council and The Local Competency Council.

“This is a really good initiative from Swedavia, which the Municipality of Härryda naturally wants to take part in. It will be very positive for our work with Cutting Edge Härryda,” says Karina Djurner, municipal director of the Municipality of Härryda.

“We at Göteborg Landvetter Airport are strongly committed to development in the region, not just in terms of international access, but also from a social perspective,” says Charlotte Ljunggren. “We must take care of our young people, and this is a joint responsibility.”