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Sharp increase in passenger volume at Göteborg Landvetter

Travellers in the check-in hall at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, photo
2015-04-09, kl. 10:45

Traffic statistics show that March was another record month for Göteborg Landvetter Airport. A total of 466,514 people flew to or from Göteborg Landvetter in March, which is a 14 per cent increase compared to a year ago.

The traffic transferred from Göteborg City Airport in Säve is clearly one explanation for the large increase, but even without it, passenger volume was up almost 3 per cent compared to 2014. So far this year, 1,261,358 passengers have flown via Göteborg Landvetter. That is 12 per cent more than during the first three months last year.

The number of international passengers in March was 340,892, which is 20 per cent more than during the same month last year. Excluding the additional traffic from Säve, the increase in

“There is strong demand for air travel, and we are working to meet the destination needs of businesses and people in western Sweden. We are also working with a number of different organisations, including Göteborg & Co, to attract foreign tourists to our region,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director.

Domestic traffic in March 2015 was at the same level as in March last year, with 125,622 people flying domestically to and from Göteborg Landvetter. So far this year, domestic traffic has fallen 3 per cent compared to the same period in 2014.

The number of landings in March increased 7 per cent to 2,804.

“A number of new routes were launched or will be launched in the near future by airlines such as SAS, Swiss and Ryanair. It is not unlikely that we will pass the half million passenger mark for a single month in April,” Ms Ljunggren adds.

New routes from Göteborg Landvetter Airport March–April

  • On March 2, Sun-Air launched a new route to Cambridge, 4 return flights/week

  • On March 29, Ryanair launched summer service to:
    Pisa, Italy: 2 return flights/week
    Zadar, Croatia: 2 return flights/week
    Palma, Mallorca: 2 return flights/week
    Marseille: 2 return flights/week
    Bergamo, Italy: 2 return flights/week
    Malta, 2 return flights/week
    Rome Ciampino: 3 return flights/week
  • SAS launched/will launch service to:
    March 30 Bergen, Norway: 3 return flights/week
    April 8 Luleå, Sweden: 5 return flights/week
    April 11 Dublin: 1 departure ((later 3 departures)/week
  • On April 20, Swiss will launch a new route to Zurich, 6 return flights/week