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SAS to update lounge and service at Göteborg Landvetter

2015-04-02, kl. 08:06

In April, SAS will begin work to expand its lounge at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The updated lounge will have 120 square metres of additional space, offer a brand-new interior and provide new work opportunities, while lavatories will also be installed in the lounge, something that many visitors have asked for. This means that SAS’s most frequent customers will have a better travel experience when they fly both domestically and internationally from Göteborg Landvetter.

The lounge, with 415 square metres of space, will be completed in mid-June and provide a modern, comfortable setting where passengers can work, enjoy refreshments, read newspapers and just relax. It will also offer access to more private work rooms, enabling meetings and undisturbed work, while around the lounge there will, as always, be plenty of electrical outlets, charging stations and WiFi. SAS will also offer a Travel Service option in the lounge via a self-service area, where customers can, for instance, rebook their tickets. SAS will likewise open a dedicated play area, a Kids Corner, for its youngest visitors to the lounge.

In conjunction with the completion of the lounge, SAS customers may also be pleased to know that SAS’s domestic flights will depart mainly from Gate 17. The gate location is advantageous to customers since it is close to the security checkpoint and to the expanded lounge. 

“Gothenburg is an important destination for us, and we want our customers to feel welcome when they fly with us from Göteborg Landvetter. An upgraded lounge that offers all the conveniences and which is also located close to the security checkpoint and gates means that our customers will have a more efficient journey when they fly with us,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, head of business and product development at SAS.