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Record first quarter passenger volume at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Photo of aircraft landing at Göteborg Landvetter Airport
2014-04-07, kl. 09:00

The latest air travel statistics show continued growth in passenger volume. A record number of passengers flew to or from Göteborg Landvetter Airport during the first quarter of 2014.

A total of 1,131,399 people flew to or from Göteborg Landvetter Airport between January and March 2014. That is a 3 per cent increase compared to the first quarter of last year.

Statistics for total passenger volume in March (409,247) also show an increase compared to the same month in 2013, up 2 per cent.

“Even though we are comparing this to the record we set in 2013, we see growing demand for air travel to and from western Sweden’s international airport. That highlights the importance of our role in the region and justifies that our work to develop the airport and our route offering,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

A total of 798,321 people flew domestically during the first quarter of 2014, which is on par with the level for the same period in 2013. However, the number of domestic passengers (333,078) jumped 11 per cent during the first quarter of 2014 compared to last year.

In March 2014, 283,454 people flew internationally at Göteborg Landvetter, down 2 per cent compared to March 2013. Statistics for domestic travel in March show an increase of a full 14 per cent compared to 2013, to 125,793 people. However, these figures are affected by the Easter holiday falling in March in 2013. More international passengers in conjunction with the Easter holiday and more weekend days also entailed a decline in domestic travel.

Statistics for the number of landings also show an 8 per cent increase for March 2014, to 2,616, and a 4 per cent increase for the first quarter, to 7,205.