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Now showing – the airport of the future

2013-06-04, kl. 15:19

You can see what Göteborg Landvetter Airport will develop into by 2021. The airport of the future is now on display, open to everyone, in a section of the check-in hall. 

“There is amazing amount happening, and we have big plans for the future. We are building an Airport City, and our role will change as a result of us becoming a mass transit hub with railway connections. We are bringing together international and national travel. And we are doing this with a focus on long-term sustainability,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director. “Naturally, we are continuing the work to develop our terminal, with a wider range of commercial offerings, services and better capacity. We are showcasing this work in our new area, which we call ‘Destination the Future’ (Destination Framtiden).”

The area shows not just what the airport is planning for the future. There is also a tree of dreams, where children express their ideas about the future. Pre-schoolers from Säteri School in Mölnlycke share their thoughts.

The tree’s first question is “What is your plan for 2021?”. This links up with Gothenburg’s jubilee, when the city celebrates its 400th anniversary. Thoughts are written down on leaves which are attached to the wishing tree. When the tree is in full bloom, the leaves will be picked for a contest about the future, when it will be time for a new theme.