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Next step in the airport’s transformation

2012-10-18, kl. 12:30

A red carpet now runs from the international security checkpoint into the new shopping thoroughfare, whose second section was inaugurated yesterday, October 15. Espresso House, Pocket Shop, Press Stop and the rest of the tax-free shop opened in the new shopping area.

As a result, the new, expanded section of the international departure hall, which previously consisted of the mezzanine level, is now fully open.
“This is a very proud man you see in front of you,” said Roel Huinink, managing director of ASDC, which develops shops and restaurants at the airport, before he and airport director Charlotte Ljunggren cut the ribbon. Ms Ljunggren took the opportunity to thank all those involved who contributed to the project for so long, in particular the workers involved in the construction.

The first section of the shopping thoroughfare was inaugurated in July while the Food Court was opened in June. With the newly opened space, the international departure hall now has 1,000 square metres for shopping and food.

The next step in the transformation will be the opening of a new souvenir and toy shop (Monday, October 22) and O’Learys restaurant/sports bar (Thursday, October 25). The red carpet will remain in place to celebrate these openings as well.
In February, four new businesses by Gate 18 will be up and running and the grand opening of the whole new international departure hall will be held.