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New route from Göteborg Landvetter to Cambridge

2015-02-17, kl. 10:30

A new route between Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Cambridge will be launched, linking two research centres in the pharmaceutical industry.

The carrier Sun-Air will fly four times a week between Cambridge and Göteborg Landvetter. The reason for the new link is that the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca needs good access between its two facilities in Mölndal, Sweden, and Cambridge.

“We welcome this new route, which really shows the importance of good access to promote research and development for business and the region,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

“This is a way for us to link our two global research facilities in Europe and the surrounding cluster more closely,” says Jan-Olof Jacke, president of AstraZeneca in Sweden.

For AstraZeneca, it means that travel time between the two facilities can be reduced significantly compared to a flight from one of London’s major airports. The company today has about 2,400 employees in the Gothenburg area and around a thousand in Cambridge.

Beginning March 2, there will be one morning departure from Cambridge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as an evening departure from Göteborg Landvetter. The route will be served by a Dornier 328 aircraft type with seating for 32.

Sun-Air, which is based in Jylland, Denmark, has had a franchise partnership with British Airways since 1996, which means that all flights are carried out under the auspices of British Airways with aircraft painted in the British carrier’s colours.