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Illustrators design new shopping bags for Göteborg Landvetter Airport

2013-04-29, kl. 13:32

On Monday, Göteborg Landvetter Airport is launching its new shopping bags, designed by two Swedish illustrators who present their own interpretations of Gothenburg and Sweden.

“We have collaborated for a while with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art so it feels like a natural continuation of our work to showcase art and culture with a local connection. Our shopping bags are also something people take with them, a little work of art they take home – or further out in the world,” says airport director Charlotte Ljunggren.

One illustration is called “Fishing luck” and was designed by Camilla Engman. She is from Trollhättan, studied art at the Dômen School of Art and the University of Gothenburg School of Design and Crafts, and has previously worked with companies such as Google, Converse and The New York Times.

“When I think of the west coast of Sweden, I think mainly of the wonderful archipelago and the sea. It is one of the best places in the world, in any case when the weather is good. I don’t really know why, but it feels exotic when you see seals lying on the rocks, so that is why I have Mr Seal in the picture. The forest is also important to me, so that is also included, in the shape of a little lake,” Ms Engman adds.  

The second picture, illustrated by Martin Nicolausson, is called “Coast”. Mr Nicolausson has a style of his own, in which he combines digital and analogue methods. He graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and has previously worked for companies such as Absolut Vodka, Topman and The Economist.

“There is a cottage on the west coast of Sweden that my family had for years and years where I spent many summers ever since I was a child, which has left an impression on me. The landscape is unique, with its rocks and cliffs down to the water, and I have included that in this project. Obviously, I have never come across a seal in a hat or a tube of Swedish caviar in the shape of a human…but who knows, maybe this summer,” says Mr Nicolausson.