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Growing passenger satisfaction at Göteborg Landvetter

2014-01-31, kl. 09:00

80 per cent of passengers are very satisfied with Göteborg Landvetter Airport. That was the finding of a customer survey of the atmosphere, service offering, cleanliness and treatment of customers carried out four times a year at the airport.

The results for the fourth quarter of 2013 show the highest percentage of satisfied customers since the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) passenger survey began to be conducted at Göteborg Landvetter. The corresponding figure for the final quarter of 2012 was 68 per cent satisfied passengers, which means an increase of 12 percentage points in one year.

“There is every reason for employees at Göteborg Landvetter Airport to feel proud about the fine marks our passengers have given us. At the same time, we need to be humble, because every encounter with our passengers is a new opportunity to surpass their expectations and provide a positive experience. We will continue to do this and aim for even more satisfied passengers,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

In 2013, the airport’s new international departure hall was inaugurated, which entailed a considerable improvement in the atmosphere and service offering. Some 1,000 square metres of space for new shopping venues and restaurants were added which, together with an investment in art, teaching environments and interior furnishings, have enabled passengers to enjoy themselves more at the airport. A new, larger security checkpoint with a focus on security, design and hospitality was inaugurated in 2012.

“Clearly, our investments in larger, more beautiful spaces and a better offering of services play a major role in passengers having a more positive experience with us. But without investing in the roles of our employees, through hospitality, service and cleanliness, we would never have achieved the significant improvements we did,” Ms Ljunggren notes.

“We are working hard to attract more airlines to the region. How the airport works and is viewed are obviously important in this work,” Ms Ljunggren concludes.

About the ASQ survey:

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) customer survey, conducted by DKMA at the request of Airport Councils International (ACI), asks 36 questions about everything from the passenger’s arrival at the airport and experience there to their departure and baggage handling. Over 200 airports in more than 50 countries take part in the survey.

The ASQ results for Göteborg Landvetter Airport for the full-year 2013 show that 79 per cent of passengers are satisfied with Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The corresponding figure for the full-year 2012 was 67 per cent, which also showed a 12 per cent improvement.