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Growing number of people satisfied to have the airport as a neighbour

2013-08-15, kl. 11:42

Göteborg Landvetter Airport’s neighbours have an even better attitude to the airport. Eight out of ten people are satisfied having the airport as a neighbour and seven out of ten can imagine working there. These are the findings from a survey of attitudes of people living in the vicinity of the airport carried out for the fourth year in a row.

Maria GelinThe questions in the survey largely concern the airport’s environmental work, but some questions also concern the airport’s importance in the region. Compared to the results from previous surveys, this year’s survey shows that the positive trend continues and that more neighbours have a positive attitude to the airport.

“This is really positive,” says Maria Gelin, environmental manager at the airport.  “For us, it is extremely important that we have good relations with our neighbours, and it is great that as many as 87 per cent of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied having the airport as a neighbour.” 

More than nine out of ten people think the airport is important for development and employment in the region, while almost nine out of ten think the airport is important for Sweden’s development. Five out of ten feel they get the information from the airport that they need, which is an increase compared to previous results.

“For several years now, we have had a newsletter that is regularly sent out to all our neighbours,” Ms Gelin says. “It is a way for us to carry out a dialogue with our neighbours, and we can use the results from the survey for feedback. It is gratifying to see that more people are satisfied with the information they get from us, but we want to continue improving and have more work to. We will continue to inform people about our environmental work and have a dialogue with our neighbours based on the views we receive.” 

The survey was conducted in the spring of 2013, and 471 people submitted responses. There is also a free text field in the survey, and the most frequent response was a desire for more public transport to and from the airport.

“Public transport is an important issue for us. It means more passengers will be able to get to and from the airport by bus, along with the 3,500 people who work at the airport, of course. We have a dialogue with bus service providers and politicians in the region in order to together try to provide improved and expanded public transport. The good news is that the decision has been made to also provide train service to the airport in the future.”