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"Gotegrisar" to greet visitors at Göteborg Landvetter

2014-07-25, kl. 09:08

More than 400 suggestions were submitted when Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the regional evening newspaper  GT asked readers to name the new concrete traffic barriers, called "grisar" or "pigs" in Swedish, at the airport.

A total of 30 "pigs" in the shape of a plane will be cast and set up at Göteborg Landvetter.
The distinct Göteborg sense of humour was quite apparent, with some of the proposed names, which reflect local slang or references, being Flygvättar, Vingar, Ankomsten, Landvättar, Torpeder, Pigmé, Bär-i-air, Fluggor, Dumbos and Gnetter.

But the winning proposal is Gotegrisar or Gote pigs, which takes its name from the region.

"GT's managing editor Björn Lindsten and I were in full agreement that 'Gotegrisar' is best," says Göteborg Landvetter's airport director, Lottie Ljunggren.

"This was a contest that truly engaged GT's readers. We had just over 400 proposed names, which is a really good number given that it is the summer holidays," says Björn Lindsten.

The winners, because there were two people who had the same suggestion, each get a weekend trip for two to Istanbul, provided by Turkish Airlines. Göteborg Landvetter will award the prizes at a ceremony in August. 

"It is great to have this wonderful collaboration with Turkish Airlines. They are an exciting airline that is really making a big investment in Gothenburg and Göteborg Landvetter Airport," says Lottie Ljunggren.