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Göteborg Landvetter starts the year with more passengers

2014-02-06, kl. 12:48

The number of passengers flying via Göteborg Landvetter Airport increased during the first month of the year. 366,409 people flew to or from the airport, which is an airport record for January.

Statistics for January 2014 show a rise of 4 per cent in the total number of passengers compared to the same month in 2013, thus setting a record for passengers in January at Göteborg Landvetter.

“After a record year in 2013, when we passed the 5 million passenger mark for the first time, it is nice to see that we are starting the year with continued growing demand for air travel to and from western Sweden. Airlines continue to invest here, and strong demand is clearly meeting the increased supply,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

263,361 people flew internationally, an increase of 2 per cent compared to January 2013. January 2014 is thus the best January ever for international travel and the eighth straight month of higher international passenger volume compared to last year.

There were 103,048 domestic passengers in January, which is 9 per cent more than for the same month a year ago. It is also the sixth straight month of growth in domestic passenger volume (compared to the corresponding month last year).

“Increasing domestic travel is the result of a punctual, reliable and affordable product combined with a general economic trend that allows both private individuals and companies to travel more,” Ms Ljunggren notes.

The number of landings in January 2014 was 2,294, which is on the same level as the monthly figure from a year ago.