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Göteborg Landvetter passes four million mark

2015-09-07, kl. 09:00

In August, passenger volume at Göteborg Landvetter Airport passed the four million mark. That means an 18 per cent increase in traffic over 2014.

A total of 4,048,811 passengers were recorded in the period January-August 2015. The airlines that previously flew out of Säve account for about 13 per cent of this. But even without this former Säve traffic, passenger volume at Göteborg Landvetter Airport has grown almost 3 per cent so far this year.

“It has been a fantastic summer for travel, with more people flying than ever. Obviously, this creates challenges for those of us who operate the airport, but we are working with all our partners full out to ensure that the journey goes as smoothly as possible, from the time people park their car or get off the bus to the time they step on board the plane,” Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

The number of passengers who flew internationally in August was 427,667 (up 17 per cent compared to August 2014). From January to August, 3,155,785 people flew internationally to or from Göteborg Landvetter (up 23 per cent).

Domestic passengers in August this year totalled 109,510, which is an 11 per cent increase from August 2014. Domestic traffic so far this year is up 4 per cent, at 893,026 people.

Total passenger volume in August 2015 was 537,177, which is 16 per cent more than in August last year.

Air travel forecasts indicate that the number of passengers at Göteborg Landvetter Airport by year-end will pass another million mark – 6,000,000.