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Göteborg Landvetter Airport retains highest environmental accreditation level

2012-01-16, kl. 09:01

For the second year in a row, Göteborg Landvetter Airport has earned the highest accreditation level according to the European standard for its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

“We have continued the high level of ambition of our work, and it is extremely satisfying that we continue to hold a prominent position among European airports in terms of environmental work,” says Maria Gelin, environmental manager at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is a European standard for how airports handle their carbon dioxide emissions. There are four levels: 1. Mapping of emissions, 2. Reduction of emissions, 3. Optimisation of emissions, and 4. Carbon neutrality.

The fact that Göteborg Landvetter Airport has again achieved the highest level of accreditation means that the airport is entirely carbon-neutral with respect to emissions from its own operations. The highest level of accreditation is also proof that Göteborg Landvetter Airport works proactively with other companies and organisations at the airport to reduce their CO2 emissions as well.
“This is a difficult certificate to keep over time, since we have to reduce emissions every year. That makes this achievement even greater,” says Maria Gelin.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is the eighth airport in Europe to achieve the highest level of accreditation. Three other airports in Sweden have been awarded Level 4 accreditation:   Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport and Umeå City Airport.

ACI Europe, which is a consortium of 440 airports in Europe, spearheads the carbon accreditation scheme.

For more information: http://www.airportcarbonaccreditation.org/