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Environmental award to Göteborg Landvetter

2013-03-19, kl. 08:28

The Vinga project carried out at Göteborg Landvetter Airport in 2010-2011 has received the ATC Global Excellence Environmental Award 2013. The award was handed out on Tuesday at the annual ATC Global air traffic management congress in Amsterdam.

The project, carried out jointly by the Swedish air traffic services provider LFV, the airport operator group Swedavia, the carrier Novair, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the aviation technology company Quovadis and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, was aimed at testing solutions contributing to a reduction in the overall environmental impact of aviation, including curved approaches and shorter approach routes.
As the jury reasoned, “The Environmental Award goes to the Vinga project for its work to reduce noise and emissions in every phase of the flight through close collaboration with all players in the aviation industry.” 

“Obviously, we are really proud to have received this prize and that together we showed it is possible to use shorter approaches with the help of more precise satellite-based navigation, which saves fuel and therefore carbon dioxide emissions on every landing,” says the airport’s environmental manager, Maria Gelin. “Swedavia is a world leader in the work to reduce the environmental impact of airports, and Göteborg Landvetter works proactively in international collaborations for greener aviation.”

The Vinga project was carried out in close collaboration with SESAR, which is an EU programme to increase airspace capacity while maintaining safety, reducing the environmental impact of aviation and reducing air traffic management costs.