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Crossing Borders exhibition heads to Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Diplomat Jan Eliasson reading a newspaper, photo
2015-03-03, kl. 11:35

On March 9, Crossing Borders will open at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. The exhibition presents portraits of prominent Swedes who have gained international renown in various ways.

Gothenburg is represented by Jan Eliasson and Håkan Hellström, whose portraits will be now included in Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery.

Crossing Borders will present 23 portraits of Swedes who work or have gained fame outside Sweden. They are musicians, writers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, athletes, inventors, actors and researchers.

The photos cover a range of generations, from Hans Gedda and Denise Grünstein to Sanna Sjöswärd and Magnus Laupa. All portraits have been acquired for Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery, which is managed by Nationalmuseum.

Sweden’s national collection of portraits is the oldest in the world and has been on display at Gripsholm Castle since 1822. The collection includes close to 5,000 portraits and is constantly growing. The exhibition is part of the collaboration between Nationalmuseum and Swedavia, which involves displaying art at airports in Sweden. The exhibition was previously shown at Stockholm Arlanda, Umeå and Malmö Airport.

The exhibition Crossing Borders will be on display in the domestic hall at Göteborg Landvetter Airport from March 9 to June 1, 2015. There is an app for the exhibition which works as an audio guide and includes images, sound tracks and texts for the portraits.

Photo: Thron Ullberg, Jan Eliasson 2008 (the photo has been cropped because of space restrictions).