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Better air links with Malmö Aviation

2015-10-28, kl. 09:49

Now it will be even easier for people in western Sweden to travel around the country via Bromma Stockholm Airport. That is because Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg will synchronise their timetables and create 1,000 new transfer options at Bromma Stockholm. As a result, western Sweden will be even more closely linked to the rest of Sweden.

“Many people who travel with us from Göteborg Landvetter also continue on from Stockholm, mainly to Umeå, Östersund and Sundsvall. Now there will be more options, which also makes it easier to fly the same day. This means that Göteborg Landvetter will be even more closely linked to the rest of Sweden. That benefits the region and companies here, which will have an easier time holding meetings and doing business,” says Mathias Winberg, regional manager Göteborg & Trollhättan at Malmö Aviation.

The new timetable, which has been adjusted to enable transfers, took effect on October 26 and means that the number of transfer options increases from 1,100 to 2,100 a week.

In December, Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg will form the new airline Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA).