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Limited access to the airport

2012-09-04, kl. 12:45

On September 6, Trafikverket commences work on the construction of a new interchange, Bårhultsmotet, between route 40 (the motorway) and road 549. Access is limited during the construction period, which will affect traffic to and from the airport.

Bårhultsmotet is an initial step toward an improved cross connection between routes 40 and E20. The work is expected to be completed in November/December 2013. Two lanes in both directions will be open but the speed limit will be reduced.

When blasting work is carried out, route 40 will be completely closed for up to 10 minutes. Blasting work is scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.. An sms service providing information about the exact times for blasting works will be made available.

Please allow plenty of time to reach the airport if you have a plane to catch.

For more information, see www.trafikverket.se/Barhultsmotet (in Swedish only)