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Asphalt work in July

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2014-06-25, kl. 16:44

For several weeks this summer, there will be extensive work carried out on Göteborg Landvetter Airport’s take-off and landing runway. The aim is to increase access and on-time performance. Below are some questions and answers concerning this work.

What will happen during the summer?

During Weeks 27-29 (June 30-July 20), we will carry out work to, among other things, provide more runway lights and further improve the on-time performance of air traffic. At the same time, maintenance work necessary to maintain good aviation safety will be carried out in the runway area. Since the work is being done on the central section of the runway, it will be carried out in the evening and at night and will have some impact on traffic. There will be no air traffic at Göteborg Landvetter Airport between 12.00 midnight and 6.00 a.m.

What effect will this have on passengers?

The airlines were informed about this by us at an early stage. They have therefore been able to adjust their timetables so that they will be affected by our work to only a limited extent. A number of airlines have adjusted their timetables this summer to ensure that the runway is accessible, but not all of them had this option. That means some flights will instead depart from and land at Säve and Jönköping.

Will there be a change in flight patterns at Göteborg Landvetter?

Yes, it could mean that more aircraft will take off and land just before 12.00 midnight or just after 6.00 a.m., when the runway is once again accessible. There will be not air traffic at night. The total number of movements will decrease during this period compared to under normal conditions.

What have tour operators decided to do?

Four airlines will be affected by the work at Göteborg Landvetter this summer – Novair (Apollo), Tui Fly (Fritidsresor), Thomas Cook (Ving) and Primera (Solresor). The airports of Säve, Jönköping and Malmö will handle some departures and arrivals. Some 5 to 15 specially hired buses will operate each night to ferry passengers between airports. There are different solutions for different airlines. Passengers are advised to contact their tour operator for details about their specific trip.

How will this be noticeable in the terminal?

We will open up check-in well in advance, and there will be many more buses outside the terminal at times. Tour operators are responsible for ensuring that passengers get to the right bus, but we at Swedavia will naturally assist. There will also be signs clearly posted in and around the terminal so that passengers know where to go.

Why will the work be carried out?

We ensure access to the region by enabling air traffic to operate in extremely poor visibility conditions. We are preparing the airport so that it can be classified as what is known as a CAT IIIB airport. That means aircraft can land in extremely poor visibility conditions.

When will the work be carried?

We will carry out the work during Weeks 27-29 (June 30-July 20), every day of the week during the evening and at night.

How will the work be carried out?

We will grind up the asphalt on the outer edge of the central portion of the take-off and landing runway, drill for and lay the new runway lights and reasphalt. Everything will be ready within four hours, when aircraft will take off and land again. Along with the installation of additional runway lights, there will be extensive asphalt work carried out on the runway. The work will be carried out in the evening and at night and will have some impact on traffic. Between 12.00 midnight and 6.00 a.m. there will be no air traffic at Göteborg Landvetter.