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Airport bees provide honey harvest at Göteborg Landvetter

2014-08-28, kl. 13:00

In May, 35,000 bees were given a home at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. As thanks, they have produced 17 kg of honey this summer.

The beehive at Göteborg Landvetter was harvested on Wednesday for the second time this summer. The result was 17 kg of honey and nearly a doubling of the bee population in the hive.

The honey will now be quality-controlled and packaged to be sold as gifts.

“We will send the honey out for analysis to check its quality. The analyses can also be used as an indicator of air quality. We check air quality at the airport in other ways, but honey is now an additional indicator for testing our local environment,” says Maria Gelin, environmental manager at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

Malmö Airport has had beehives and honey production for a number of years. The beehive or apiary at Göteborg Landvetter is designed so that the bee colony can be seen and is managed by the company Beepartner. They work to create meeting places and spread information about the situation and crucial role of bees.

“For us, the beehive at the airport is one way of attracting attention to the important role that bees have in biodiversity. Our environmental focus is mainly on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, creating a good water environment and limiting noise. But the big picture does not exclude the little one in environmental care,” Ms Gelin adds.