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79 per cent satisfied passengers

2013-05-07, kl. 11:18

The latest customer survey indicates that 79 per cent of passengers at Göteborg Landvetter Airports are satisfied.

“That is wonderful news, and we should all be really proud. Our joint efforts with customer service and a better environment in the terminal are now reflected in more satisfied passengers,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

72 airports in Europe take part in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) questionnaire, which surveys passengers in the same way at every airport, with individual results generated for 36 questions.

Over the past year, major steps have been taken to raise standards at the airport and create a more international atmosphere. The security checkpoint for international passengers has been refurbished, some 1,000 square metres of shopping and restaurants has been added, and an investment in art, learning environments and interior decor has led to passengers enjoying their experience at the airport more.

Improvements in concrete aspects are important, but a major focus on more abstract aspects such as customer care and service have produced higher results on questions concerning the way passengers are treated.

“Now we have to maintain our good results and become even better. Baggage handling, for instance, is an area we have to work on and improve together,” Ms Ljunggren adds.