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2014 another record year for Göteborg Landvetter

Passengers and aircraft
2015-01-08, kl. 09:00

Göteborg Landvetter Airport set another passenger record in 2014 – 5,216,011 people flew to or from the airport last year.

“We had a year with fantastic demand for air travel, and we have worked hard to meet that need. This trend is confirmation that our region is doing well and is attractive, both for the tourism industry and for businesses, which we are naturally pleased about,” says Charlotte Ljunggren, airport director at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

In 2013, the airport passed the five million passenger mark for the first time, but the figures for 2014 show a further increase of 4 per cent compared to 2013.   

“It is no coincidence that Göteborg Landvetter set a record the same year that Gothenburg had more than four million guest-nights at its hotels. Good links with the rest of the world go hand in hand with the attractiveness of the destination and its growth. Air travel contributes significantly to Gothenburg being able to attract international meetings and tourists,” says Camilla Nyman, CEO of Göteborg & Co.

International travel was also up 4 per cent compared to 2013. A total of 3,846,032 people flew internationally in 2014.

“Demand for travel abroad among both leisure and business travellers is on the rise. Together with the airlines and other partners in the region, we are trying to ensure that we maintain steady growth in our offering. During the year, 15 new routes were launched at Göteborg, including eleven international routes,” says Charlotte Ljunggren.

Domestic traffic also saw an increase at Göteborg Landvetter. A total of 1,369,979 people flew domestically in 2014, which was also a 4 per cent increase compared to full-year 2013. The three Stockholm routes, which have some 30 daily departures from Göteborg Landvetter, account for nearly all domestic traffic. However, in 2014, four new domestic routes were launched – Kalmar, Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå.

“Growing domestic traffic indicates how important it is to have quick, efficient access to Stockholm in particular but to other parts of our large country as well. Bromma Stockholm is also clearly important, since about 40 per cent of our Stockholm traffic flies there and Bromma Stockholm represents a vital link for large parts of the country,” Ms Ljunggren notes.

“While we have more passengers than ever, we are also pleased that they are more satisfied than ever. We have achieved a level of 80 per cent very satisfied passengers at the airport in our surveys. I would like to thank all of our capable employees and partners at the airport for that,” Ms Ljunggren adds.

“Good links are incredibly important for businesses in western Sweden. A growing Göteborg Landvetter creates a positive trend, with more non-stop routes nationally and internationally. We hope growth will continue in the coming years as well and congratulate Göteborg Landvetter Airport for its improvements in quality and increased volume,” says Johan Trouvé, CEO of the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

In 2015, the Land and Environmental Court will issue a ruling on Göteborg Landvetter Airport’s application for a new environmental permit. That is a critical step for the airport’s development, according to Charlotte Ljunggren.

“If we are to continue to meet the region’s demand for air travel, an expanded permit for our operations is required. We work very hard with environmental issues at Swedavia, we take responsibility for our own emissions and work actively to promote biofuel for aviation and increased mass transit to the airport,” Ms Ljunggren concludes.

For additional traffic statistics, see www.swedavia.se

Routes launched at Göteborg Landvetter in 2014:
Hamburg (CSA Czech Airlines)
Kalmar (BMI Regional)
Lisbon (TAP)
Luleå (SAS)
Prague (CSA Czech Airlines)
Riga (Air Baltic)
Stavanger (BMI Regional)
Sundsvall (Nextjet)
Umeå (SAS)
Vilnius (Air Lithuanica)

Summer routes (all SAS):