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  • New direct route to Vienna from Göteborg Landvetter

    2016-11-15, kl. 14:19

    In the summer of 2017, Austrian Airlines will launch non-stop service between Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Vienna with three departures a week. This will be the Austrian carrier’s fourth Scandinavian route, along with Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

  • New route between Gothenburg and Bergen

    2016-11-10, kl. 10:51
  • Göteborg Landvetter first in the world with digitalised lavatories

    2016-10-25, kl. 14:43

    With intelligent lavatories and smarter cleaning, Göteborg Landvetter Airport will make restroom facilities more pleasant and increase both passenger and employee satisfaction. Göteborg Landvetter is the first airport in the world in which cleaning staff get real-time information about the need for cleaning and resupplies.

  • Create your own shrimp sandwich

    2016-10-19, kl. 16:26

    Enjoying a tasty shrimp sandwich before one’s journey has become synonymous with flying in Sweden. Now you can celebrate National Shrimp Sandwich Day on October 14 by creating your very own shrimp sandwich in the Deli restaurant at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Choose from freshly baked sourdough bread or sweetened rye bread, and top it with freshly caught shrimp from Sweden’s West coast or perhaps a tasty shrimp salad. There are shrimp sandwiches for every taste.

  • About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    2016-10-19, kl. 11:00

    Several airlines have introduced a ban on the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flights - check with your airline what applies to your trip.

  • Beautiful bridge will be a gateway to Göteborg Landvetter Airport

    2016-10-12, kl. 13:06

    The development at Göteborg Landvetter Airport is going full speed, and we are now building the bridge that will be the gateway to western Sweden’s international airport. It is a stunning construction with a modern design that will welcome passengers with colourful neon light.

  • Fly non-stop to Thessaloniki with Ryanair

    2016-09-27, kl. 15:01

    Beginning March 2017, you can fly non-stop from Göteborg Landvetter Airport to the Greek city of Thessaloniki.

  • This year SAS celebrates its 70th anniversary

    2016-09-19, kl. 10:37

    In 1946, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) made its official maiden flight between Stockholm and New York. Since then, SAS has made life easier for passengers flying to and from Scandinavia. SAS’s 70th anniversary is being celebrated with the exhibition “Congratulations SAS on your 70th anniversary,” which features uniforms and other retro items. 

  • SAS Service Point opens today at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

    2016-09-14, kl. 15:06

    SAS Service Point is a brand-new place where passengers can get help booking, charge their phones or computers or just sit for a while before their flight.

  • Brooklyn Store opens outlet at Göteborg Landvetter

    2016-08-23, kl. 12:51

    Brooklyn Store has now officially opened its new shop in the check-in hall at Göteborg Landvetter. The shop, which is the fourth in the Gothenburg region, is focused on baseball caps and clothing for people young and old with a feel for style.

  • Book currency via Forex Bank online

    2016-06-28, kl. 10:00

    Now passengers can book currency before their trip on Göteborg Landvetter’s website.

  • Fly non-stop to Reykjavik beginning April 29

    2016-05-03, kl. 10:19

    Now Icelandair is launching seasonal service from the Icelandic capital. Between April 29 and October 7, 2016, you can fly non-stop from Göteborg Landvetter Airport to Reykjavik.

  • Expanded service from Göteborg Landvetter to Sicily

    2016-04-20, kl. 12:53

    Fritidsresor is expanding its non-stop service from Göteborg Landvetter Airport to Sicily this summer and autumn.

  • Non-stop service to the Swedish fjelds available next winter as well

    2016-04-07, kl. 10:13

    Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) will provide non-stop service on the popular, new Göteborg Landvetter Airport–Åre Östersund Airport route next ski season as well, that is, from December 18, 2016, to April 23, 2017.

  • Increased number of departures between Landvetter and Palma

    2016-04-05, kl. 17:17

    During the warmer six months of the year, Norwegian will increase the number of its departures between Göteborg Landvetter and Palma.