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Security control

It is obligatory for all travellers to pass through airport security.

It is obligatory for all travellers to pass through airport security. The objective is to find objects that are forbidden to take on board the aircraft and in so called authorization zones – areas dedicated to travellers who have passed through airport security before boarding the aircraft.

If you are prepared before passing airport security, the process is smooth and fast.

Suggestions before airport security

  • Have your boarding card ready to show when you reach the document control point just before airport security
  • Place your hand baggage in one of the plastic boxes used at airport security – remove from you hand baggage any liquids, liquid medicines, special dietary food and baby food that you have with you
  • If you are wearing coats, place them in a plastic box as well
  • Do not carry any loose objects in your pockets – remove keys, coins or mobile phones
  • If you have a belt with a large buckle or are wearing large jewelery, remove them as well as they can set off the metal detector
  • Remove laptop computers and other electronic equipment from any cases and place them on the conveyor belt
  • Depending on the airport, you may be asked to remove your shoes and place them on the conveyor belt
  • Walk through the metal detector while your hand baggage is passing through the x-ray machine
  • Any unauthorised objects found in your possession will be taken from you

Liquid regulations

You may take a limited quantity of liquids with you in your hand baggage. Examples of items considered to be liquids are beverages, creams, gels and sprays. Will you be changing planes in another country? Check what regulations apply there.

Technical changes in the screening of liquids

At the initiative of the EU Commission, the screening of liquids at EU airports changed on January 31, 2014. At Swedavia’s airports, this measure was introduced in mid-January. The changes, in brief, entail that airports will now screen liquids using mechanical means, which has very little effect on you as a passenger.

It is important for you as a passenger to be especially careful to place all liquids you take with you through the security checkpoint so that they are clearly visible in a tray on the conveyor belt. This includes a one-litre bag with liquids, baby food, medicine, special diet food and any duty-free bag if you are changing planes at another airport. 

You can read more below about what you may take with you or what may be screened.

Liquids in hand baggage

Containers with liquids must be placed in a transparent one-litre resealable plastic bag. Each container may hold up to 100 millilitres. You may take as many containers with you as there is room for in the plastic bag, and you must be able to close the bag. Examples of containers are bottles, jars and tubes.

Remove the bag with liquids from your hand baggage and place it so that it is clearly visible in a tray on the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint.

Medicine, baby food and special diet food

Liquid medicine, baby food and special diet food that you need on your journey must also be shown at the security checkpoint, but you do not need to place it in a resealable plastic bag.

These regulations do not apply to liquids that are packed in your checked baggage. Be sure to pack the liquids well. If there is any damage because a bottle breaks in your baggage, you will not be compensated. 

Regulations for tax-free shopping and liquids

Non-stop flights

You may shop for tax-free goods in shops located after the security checkpoint and take them on board your flight, even if the jar or bottle holds more than 100 millilitres.

Keep in mind that regulations may vary for liquids in your hand baggage on your journey back to Sweden and to other EU countries. Find out what applies for your journey.

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in another EU country

You can purchase liquids in shops after the security checkpoint and take them in your hand baggage on your journey. Make sure that the shop seals the bag so that it is possible to ensure that no additional containers have been placed in the bag after your purchase.  

Also be especially careful about the bag when changing planes at another airport within the EU: liquids purchased in a tax-free shop at the airport may be taken with you, together with the receipt, as long as the liquids are sealed in a special bag after they have been purchased. Do not open the bag before you have reached your final destination. 

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in the US

You may not take liquids that you purchased from a tax-free shop in Sweden in your hand baggage through the security checkpoint you go through when you continue your journey in the US.

Flight from an airport in Sweden to the US with a transfer in another EU country

Purchasing tax-free items should not be a problem when you transfer in another EU country and take your purchases on your journey to the US if you are not changing planes in the US. Check with your airline just to be sure that stricter regulations do not apply in that EU country.

Flight from an airport in Sweden with a transfer in the US or other countries outside the EU

Countries outside the EU may have different regulations for liquids. So contact your airline to find out what applies.