Security control

If you are well prepared the screening in the security control goes quickly and smoothly.

On the Swedish Transport Agency's website you can read more about what applies to air travel and security checks when traveling from Sweden.

Tips before security screening

Come well-prepared so that security screening goes quickly and smoothly. Have your boarding card ready so you can show it.

This is what you can bring on board

Remove your outer garments, suit jacket, headwear and metal items like belts that have a large buckle or jewellery.

Place your plastic bag with liquids in the tray so it is can be seen. Empty your pockets of mobile phones, keys and coins.

Place large electronic items in the tray so they can be seen. Remove any liquid medicine, special diet food and baby food and show them at the security checkpoint. Sometimes you may be asked to take off your shoes. 

Walk through the metal detector while your hand baggage is passing through the x-ray machine.

Any unauthorised objects found in your possession will be taken from you.