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Impaired vision

You can find information here that may make it easier for people with impaired vision so that you can feel safe and secure before, during and after your flight. 

Is your vision impaired so that you need assistance during your journey? Then it’s important that you mention this to staff – both when you book your flight and when you board the aircraft. If you want, you can also book assistance ahead of time. Read more about this under the heading “Assistance service”.

At the airport you will get some information about the flight through announcements on the loudspeaker system. But unfortunately, some airports limit the announcements they make on the loudspeaker system and instead refer passengers to information boards and monitors. Most airports have an information desk with staff that can personally provide you with information, for instance, about your flight.

At some airports, there are also tactile floor markings that lead to a help point or information desk. 
Cabin crew can personally provide you with information, for instance, about safety on board.