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Common questions and answers

Follows a list of the most common questions and answers. Read them before you contact customer services to receive an answer as quickly as possible. Find your question by clicking on the following headings.

Opening hours
Taking goods out of the country
Travelling with animals
Flight information
General questions

Opening hours

The airport terminal opens about an hour before the first flight of the day and closes in conjunction with the last flight of the day. The terminal is closed at night. Please note that overnight accommodation is not available at the airport.

The restaurant after security check opens 1-2 hours prior to the first departure of the day.



Delayed/lost baggage
Fill in a lost baggage form with your airline. When your baggage arrives, the airline will contact you and decide a time for delivery. You can track your baggage with the help of your ten-digit reference number. Contact your airline/tour operator, or respective ground handling agent as they take care of your lost baggage.

Who do I contact if I notice that my baggage is damaged after arriving home?
Contact your airline or your tour operator.

Measurement and weight of baggage? How much does excess baggage cost?
Contact your airline or tour operator. Weight, measurements and prices for excess baggage vary between the different airlines, destinations and class of ticket.

Where shall camera film be kept when travelling?
The x-ray equipment used for checked-in baggage can damage exposed and unexposed film. Therefore, always pack your camera film in your hand baggage.

Regulations for taking goods out of the country

When taking goods from Sweden to a non-EU country, contact the respective country's embassy or consulate for more information. When taking goods from Sweden to another EU country, contact Customs.

Travelling with animals

Can I take animals with me in the terminals?
Only guide dogs and animals with travel documents are allowed in the terminals. The latter relates to animals that are travelling by airplane to or from the airport. Dogs serving the police or customs are also permitted.

Which regulations apply when bringing in animals?
Questions related to the bringing in and taking out of animals are managed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

What applies when travelling with animals?
Contact your airline or tour operator to find out more about what applies to your trip.


Who do I contact to make a claim?
If you would like to make a claim regarding your trip or damaged baggage, contact your airline or tour operator.

Flight information

Where can I find departure and arrival times for my flight?
This information should be detailed in your travel documents. For questions, first contact your airline or your tour operator.

General questions

How do I receive a certificate for my insurance company about a delayed flight?
It is issued by your airline or your tour operator.

Where is it permitted to smoke at the airport?
It is forbidden to smoke at all of Swedavia's airports - smoking is only allowed in designated smoking rooms.