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Peter Sundström to exhibit landscape pictures at Kiruna Airport

2015-10-12, kl. 15:10

Beginning Wednesday, October 14, Peter Sundström’s exhibition “Northern Norrland’s mountainscapes” will be on display at Kiruna Airport.

Protest, perfectionism and technical brilliance characterise Peter Sundström’s artistry. As a water colourist, he uses muted colours to depict an external and an internal journey. His tones sometimes conjure up darkness and sometimes shimmering light.

The exhibition will be held October 14 to December 9, 2015, in the departure hall, after the security checkpoint.

About Peter Sundström

Peter Sundström was born in 1960 in Luleå, Sweden, where he lives and works today. He trained at Sunderby Art School in 1980-82 and at RMI Berghs in 1987-89. Since 1991, Sundström has worked with graphic design and illustration in his own company. He has held a number of solo exhibitions in the northern province of Norrbotten and elsewhere in Sweden, taken part in various group exhibitions and in 2001 won the Municipality of Luleå’s Culture Grant.